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Competition is what drives most of the world to do many things. One of the most engaging things that humans do to compete is playing sports. Throughout history, people have found it natural to find a way to compete with each other. Although before the stakes were much higher and it could have been a life or death situation if you lost. Thankfully we don’t have to worry about this today, and we can enjoy one of the best sports in the world, football. Arguably one of the best things about football is its pace. It doesn’t stop. The game ebbs and flows into a work of art. A goal scored can be a few quick sequences that can turn a moment into a magical one. No wonder it’s the world’s most popular sport. It’s incredible how everyone gets behind their country and even local club teams. Some of the local teams get drowned out from the big-name clubs, but it’s no surprise that the real fans stick with their local clubs. The fans of AFC Blackpool have always stood by their team, especially when they won the championship in 2010 and even when they got relegated this year. A win is never as sweet if you haven’t tasted a loss. This blog will be about AFC Blackpool and everything surrounding the sport. Leave any comments or suggestions to help encourage discussions.

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